Who We Are

Who We Are

Located in Chicago, Illinois, Meitheal Pharmaceuticals is an agile biopharmaceutical company dedicated to simplifying access to life-changing medicine, for good.

We provide access to fairly priced generic injectables and specialty biopharmaceuticals through robust manufacturing, consistent supply and attentive responses, so you can focus even more on other goals you aim to achieve.

That’s what we do. How we do it is embodied in our name: Meitheal. It’s a traditional Irish term for a community working together toward a common good.

This has been and will remain our guiding principle taken to heart. We strive each day to be a valued partner who works to understand your needs and provide reliable, sustainable solutions.

Company Fact Sheet

Guiding Principles

Our Purpose icon

Our Purpose

Simplify access to life-changing medicine, for good.

Jose Nieves W
Jennifer True W
Our Vision icon

Our Vision

Healthcare solutions within reach.

Tom Shea W
Our Mission icon

Our Mission

We solve healthcare challenges by building authentic relationships, providing innovative, value-based solutions, and keeping our promises.

Jason Richardson W
Jennifer Mokos W
Our Value Proposition icon

Our Value Proposition

Spend more time focusing on your patients. With Meitheal as your partner, you have access to fairly priced, essential medicines—and peace of mind.

Jason Richardson W
Tom Shea W


Meitheal has a global network of FDA-approved manufacturing and R&D partners in Europe, India and China. With FDA-compliant facilities that incorporate state-of-the-art manufacturing and inventory management, Meitheal is ready to become your reliable source for biopharmaceutical products.

Being a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company with strategic partnerships supports our growing portfolio. These partnerships allow Meitheal to have expertise across all aspects of the biopharmaceutical pathway to market: discovery, R&D, clinical, manufacturing and commercial.

Leveraging decades of experience and Meitheal’s global expertise in regulatory practices, our Regulatory Affairs Department has a proven record of successfully taking new drugs to market. We are very proud of our regulatory team’s numerous achievements in gaining first-pass ANDA approvals with the FDA.

Our Quality Policy

With many years of experience within the biopharmaceutical industry, our Quality organization is committed to compliance and transparency while providing high-quality products to our customers. Quality is dedicated to ensuring safe drug products and is embodied within Meitheal’s Quality Policy.

  • m

    Provide support and overall direction of the company as it relates to quality

  • e

    Quality is achieved through the involvement and commitment of every individual in the company

  • i

    Quality of being honest and having strong moral principles

  • t

    Working together to achieve the highest quality standards

  • h
    high quality

    Assuring compliance with applicable quality regulations, codes and standards

  • e

    Meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations

  • a

    Partner with suppliers that are aligned to meeting common quality abjectives

  • l

    Commitment to continual improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system

Core Values: What Is a Corporate Leader?

At Meitheal we pride ourselves on the “Meitheal 4 Cs” of inclusive leadership that define the traits of a good leader in generics, speciality biopharma and women’s fertility:


Collaborative leaders encourage a culture where everyone can comfortably contribute skills and ideas, communicate risks and make decisions.

With intention, these leaders convene teams with diversity in both work and life experience. They also ensure that all voices can take part in discussions without fear of failure. In fact, they encourage a “fail fast, fail forward” mindset so that ideas can be conceived, tested and refined quickly from different points of view.


A leader must articulate an authentic commitment to diversity, challenge the status quo, hold others accountable, and make diversity and inclusion a personal priority in all they do and say.

As a group, we will discuss and co-design what commitment means to leaders at Meitheal at all levels as they guide themselves, their teams and the business.


Good leaders demonstrate an open mindset and a deep curiosity about others, listen without judgment and seek with empathy to understand those around them.

Curious leaders fully express thoughts and concerns—and allow others to do the same—as they work through complex issues. They accept that ambiguity is ever-present but remain decisive with available information in upholding operating principles.


Courageous leadership requires self-awareness and humility, because talking about imperfections involves personal risk-taking.

This is, of course, antithetical to a traditional view of leadership. A courageous leader is not one who touts accomplishments, but rather recognizes that others’ strengths can help to overcome their shortcomings. They are proactive, willing to own and admit mistakes in the moment before they can metastasize and cause real problems.

Finally, good corporate leaders are brave, challenging status quo “group think” and holding others accountable for non-inclusive behaviors.

Meitheal Leadership Team

Meitheal may be a relatively new company, but its leaders are not new to the industry.

Our Leadership Team has more than 150 years of collective pharma experience with a strong focus on quality and compliance expertise. After all, this business is about chemistry, including ours. With a customer focus, Meitheal has built on this experience and developed from the ground up.

Meitheal Leadership event
Tom Shea
Tom Shea

Chief Executive Officer

Victoria Wohlfeil Cherry
Victoria Wohlfeil Cherry

General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Dr. Jennifer Mokos, Ph.D.
Dr. Jennifer Mokos, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President of Operations

Jinsong Liu
Jinsong Liu

Executive Vice President of Regulatory & Strategic Alliances

Brett Novak
Brett Novak

Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations

John Spilman
John Spilman

Vice President of Corporate Strategy

	Larry Madison
Larry Madison

Vice President of Finance

Diana Ruffolo
Diana Ruffolo

Vice President of Corporate Projects

	Paul Tanaka
Paul Tanaka

Vice President of Supply Chain

Brian McCarthy
Brian McCarthy

Vice President, Market Access


Our History

  • Meitheal established
  • Organization starts to scale
  • 2 product launches
  • 1st major GPO
  • FDA approval of Heparin
  • 3 product launches
  • Establishes strategic customer relationship
  • NKF invests $95M into Meitheal in equity transaction
  • FDA approval of Enoxaparin
  • Sales team established
  • 10 products launched
  • Partnered with Premier on Covid-19 research
  • 11 product launches
  • Achieved ~$100M in sales and profitable
  • Invested in mAb platform*
  • Expanded into retail segment
  • 12 product launches
  • Achieved $175M in sales
  • 19 product launches
  • Launches first to market product
  • Achieved $230M in sales
  • 17 new product launches
  • Completed purchase agreement for 19 ANDAs
  • Biologic and Insulin agreements signed
  • 18 projected new product launches
  • Goal to grow biosimilars pipeline to 10 by end of 2024
  • Clinical Trials continue for Biologic and begin for Biosimilars
  • Expected FDA approval of 4 new manufacturing lines

*Investments made via Meitheal’s parent company, Nanjing King Friend (NKF)

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